1:1 TOEFL Class

1:1 TOEFL Class

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Class Schedule*

  • Diagnostic Test = 2 Hours
  • 6-week program, 6 hours/week
  • Flexible class hours based on the student's and teacher's availability

* Ask us about the scholarship if you are determined to work hard!

Course Description

The most efficient course to master the TOEFL Skills! 

This class is for

  1. Students who study TOEFL for the first time without major difficulties in basic grammar and vocabulary
  2. Students who have experience in TOEFL but have difficulty achieving their target score

At TAHS, we will provide you with a mock diagnostic TOEFL test to help you estimate your official score. 

Key Lessons


  • Learn clear comprehension of contents through effective speed reading techniques.
  • Acquire approaches specific to each question type.
  • Mastering authentic practice questions. 


  • Minimal note-taking! Learn how to take notes efficiently
  • How to identify the most frequent configuration and predict questions through catching signals.
  • Identify the characteristics of correct and incorrect answers by question type 


  • Develop flexible template utilization methods
  • Learn how to answer independent questions by overcoming time limits
  • Receive detailed feedback and alternative solutions
  • Regular personalized feedback 


  • Learn how to write logically without relying on templates
  • Write answers through understanding each question type
  • Focus on core writing skills to structure an efficient and logical introduction, body, and conclusion
  • Regular personalized feedback 

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