[Gr 5-8] Middle School Essay Class

[Gr 5-8] Middle School Essay Class

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Eunice Ko

  • Over 3 years of experience as a middle school teacher in Philadelphia, USA
  • Over 10 years of tutoring experience
  • B.S in Biology and Education, Cornell University
  • M.S.Ed in Education, University of Pennsylvania

    Class Schedule

    8-week program, 4 hours/week

    * Accepting one-on-one tutoring students

    * Flexible class hours based on the student's and instructor's availability

    Class Materials

    Students will use class materials provided by the instructor.  

    Course Description

    In the Middle School Essay class, students will work with their instructor to improve their English writing skills. They will explore different genres of writing, complete a variety of writing assignments, and discuss how to improve themselves with teacher feedback. Students will participate in both class discussion and 1:1 revision session with their instructor. 

    Key Lessons

    Students will:

    1. Strengthen their English writing skills on different genres
    2. Develop creativity and critical thinking skills through active discussion
    3. Practice listening and response skills
    Weekly Schedule
    Week 1-2: Narrative Essay
    Week 3-4: Descriptive Essay
    Week 5-6: Classification Essay
    Week 7-8: Argumentative Essay

    New York Times Student Contest
    To practice the writing skills learned in class, students can choose to join the New York Times Student Contest with instructor's guidance.