[Gr 6-8] Critical Reading & Discussion

[Gr 6-8] Critical Reading & Discussion

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Westley Cook

  • Over 3 years as a professional tutor for Social Studies and English
  • Additional experience as research assistant and summer school program leader
  • B.A. in East Asian Studies, Harvard University

    Class Schedule*

    2 weeks, 5 times a week
    Mon-Fri, 10:00am - 11:30am (EST)

    * The program will be automatically canceled if less than 3 students signed up for the program. (Subject to full tuition refund)

    Class Materials

    Students will need subscription to the New York Times ($1/week) to read and choose their article. Click here for student subscription

            Weekly Discussion Topics

            • Week 1: Racial Equality - We will look into the George Floyd incident to discuss racial equality and racism. Articles will be viewed critically from different angles to have a deeper discussion through the multiple perspectives.

            • Week 2: Pandemic Crisis - We will together read and discuss the COVID-19 related issues and concerns. More specifically, we will look into how the pandemic affected our lives, the pandemic's positive and negative effect on racism, significant pandemics from history, and how the future will look.