Live TOEFL Online TOEFL Speaking

[Part A - Trial Session] TOEFL Speaking

[Part A - Trial Session] TOEFL Speaking

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Live TOEFL Online TOEFL Speaking

Intensive Program - Finish in 4 Weeks

Improve your TOEFL Speaking to advanced level!


[Class Schedule*]
Monday - Thursday, 4 Weeks
Part A - Week 1 & 2
Part B - Week 3 & 4

* The program will be automatically canceled if less than 3 students signed up for the program. (Subject to full tuition refund)

Course Description

Improve your TOEFL Speaking to an advanced level! This TOEFL Speaking course perfectly reflects the latest exam trends. This course is designed to help you move your TOEFL Speaking skills from intermediate to advanced by a better understanding of what makes a successful response.

Key Lessons

TOEFL Speaking training optimized for ETS scoring standards

High scores in the TOEFL Speaking sections are possible through training your pronunciation, stress, and intonation, while also learning how to efficiently brainstorm and take notes on various topics.

After eliminating stress, speaking becomes more natural

Our Speaking training reflects the official test, helping you eliminate stress, no matter what the topics are on the official test.

Find a solution for perfect pronunciation

The mechanics of speaking are very important for the TOEFL, and this course will train your pronunciation and intonation to sound more natural.

Easy and concise custom template training

Your Speaking training will include custom templates for each independent and integrated question. Through memorizing simple phrases custom templates can guide you through all 4 Speaking questions.

      Weekly Schedule

      Week 1 - Question #1 Independent Speaking (Question)


      Week 2 - Question #2 Integrated Speaking (Campus-Related Passage, Conversation, and Question)


      Week 3Question #3 Integrated Speaking (Academic Passage, Lecture, and Question)


      Week 4 - Question #4 Integrated Speaking (Academic Lecture and Question)


      Course Schedule

      Class Duration 


      60 Minutes


      Class Size


      3 - 10 Students

      Time Commitment


      60 minutes in class / around 3 hours per week outside of class


      Class Level


      TOEFL Speaking Target Score 24+ 


      Supply List

      TAHS Online will provide the textbook. Students will only need access to a computer, a notebook and a pencil or pen. 


      Shawn Chattin
      Academic/General English Specialist
      #1 Speaking Teacher - Teacher Evaluation
      Over 10 years of instructing Academic/General English

      Message From Shawn

      By learning how to approach each of the four question types, you will feel more prepared on the official test day.  Perfect preparation for the Speaking section through strategies created for the new, updated TOEFL. Achieve your target score through exercises that are both challenging and enjoyable.

      Professional Experience

      TEFL Certificate
      B.A. in Applied Linguistics, 
Ohio University


      100% Happiness Guarantee

      Our #1 priority here at TAHS Online is your happiness. It's important to us that every student has a positive experience learning with our educators.  We stand by our program 100%, and if any issues arise, just reach out to our Customer Happiness Team and we will make it right. We're here for you. Happiness Guaranteed.